Danny's Kids Page
with Danny Stricker (age 11)
Peninsula Beacon March 30, 2000
Getting to know Larry Lucchino
Danny Stricker
Beacon Kids Page

Stricker: How did you get to be the president of the Padres?
Lucchino: Well, I became the president in January of 1995 right after John Moores and I bought the team. John wanted to buy the team and someone who worked for him knew of me when I was president of the Orioles and had some success there.

Stricker: You know David Wells? He said he wanted to be a Padre. What do you think about that?
Lucchino: (Laughs) We have a lot of respect for David Wells and we love the fact that he is from Point Loma. but I don't know that the team he plays for would be willing to trade him to us.

Stricker: Do you get to choose the Padres?
Lucchino: No,   technically I participate in that decision but the responsibility for it falls mainly to the general manager.

Stricker: What do you do as president?
Lucchino: I select people to be in different jobs in the organization. I also get involved with  the  negotiation  of important contracts; radio or television contract or player contracts, things like that. And then I'm involved with Major League Baseball with the commissioner and other clubs in the politics and decision making of MLB.

Stricker: Who is the nicest player on the Padres?
Lucchino:Oh we have a lot of really nice guys on the team. That's hard for me to pick one.   Certainly.   Trevor Hoffman. He's a guy that does great things in the community and is a really great guy.

Stricker: Who is the meanest? 
Lucchino: I don't know that I want to answer that question. We don't have too many mean guys. We are real careful about the kind of people we bring here.

Stricker: What do you do for fun?
Lucchino: My job is fun so I have a lot of fun at work. But, I also like to travel and get together with friends.