Danny's Kids Page
with Danny Stricker (age 11)
Peninsula Beacon May 11, 2000
Getting to know Mike Riley
Danny Stricker
Beacon Kids Page

Stricker: How did you get to be head coach of the Chargers? 
Riley: It started with a phone  call  from  Bobby Beathard  In the interview process I had a visit with the Spanos family. Then I got a phone call that I was being offered the job and my family and I decided what to do and we decided to take it.

Stricker: What do the other coaches do?
Riley:  Each coach on the staff has a different group of players that he works with. One guy on each side of thc football is a coordinator and he has a staff that works for him. The other guys all have a position, like there's a guy that coaches defensive backs and a guy that coaches linebackers and offen-sive running backs and so on. So they all have different responsibilities within different groups.

Stricker: What do you do as head coach?
Riley:  My job is to coordinate the work of all the coaches so they have the opportunity to pre-pare the players for our season and our games.

Stricker: How much does the biggest guy weigh? 

Riley:  Probably our biggest guy weighs about 330 pounds How much do you weigh?
Stricker: About 70.
Riley: (Laughs) That's almost five of you. Thatís' big isn't it?

Stricker: What does the team look like so far this year?
Riley:  I think our team will be better than we were a year ago. I hope that translates into more wins. I think it will, but the teams are all really close so we've got to improve and play well. If we do that then we'll have a good season.

Stricker: Who are the best players?
Riley:  Some of the ones that have the most notoriety because they have been great for a long time are people like Jr. Seau and Rodney Harrison. Bot every football player that plays in the NFL is a great player. He's had to move up from Pop Warner football to jr. high and high school and on to college football. It's really hard to get into the NFL. These are very, very elite players, all of them.

Stricker: What do you like to do when you're not coaching?
Riley: I like to spend time with my wife and family when I'm not coaching. I have a boy that's a freshman in high school and a girl that's in 6th grade so they had a lot of activities.