Danny's Kids Page
with Danny Stricker (age 11)
Peninsula Beacon article June 29, 2000
Young writer gets an early break

The Beacon

Interviewing famous athletes, building a Web page and writing for a monthly sports magazine or playing soccer and baseball, and swimming with friends - which sounds more like the activities of a 10-year-old boy?

Well in the case of Danny Stricker, both would be right. The fourth grader from Point Loma is the newest writer for the "San Diego Padres Magazine." He is in charge of a kid's section that made its premiere in the June 2000 issue.

Stricker made his break doing a kid's page for The Peninsula Beacon almost one year ago.

"I looked at the (Union- Tribune) and it had a kid's page and I wanted the Beacon to have one, so I called and said I wanted to do it," Stricker said.

In his last contribution two months ago, he did an interview with two players for the Padres. According to Stricker, he showed his work to people with the San Diego Padres Magazine, who thought it would be a great idea if he put together a similar page for their monthly magazine.

Stricker's monthly page has an interview with a famous baseball player. His first interview in this month's magazine is with Padre first-baseman Ryan Klesko. 

"Ryan Kiesko was my favorite interview so far," Stricker said. "He's just a great baseball player."

Stricker will also do word games, such as a word search and crossword puzzle, for kids.

Stricker's writing does not only remain in the realm of the sports world, however.

Stricker plans to interview other celebrities. He has already interviewed local celebrities like Father Joe, who runs St. Vincent de Paul Village on E St. He is also going to be interviewing Chad Everett and Brian McNamara, two stars of a new television show, "The Pensacola Wings of Gold," filming in Pacific Beach.

With all this time dedicated to writing, it is hard to believe that Stricker has time for anything else, but he is also working on a Web site.

Stricker still likes to act his age, and says he still has time fun and recreation.

He reserves time to spend on both a soccer and a baseball team. He is also a Junior Lifeguard, and he loves to have friends over to his house to swim in his pool during the hot summer months.

Stricker plans to continue to provide writing for The Peninsula Beacon. The "San Diego Chargers Magazine" is also looking to have Stricker write for them, according to his father, who also shared that his son could be added to the Chargers magazine within the next couple months.