Danny's Kids Page
with Danny Stricker (age 11)
KNSD 7/39 About SanDiego segment
About San Diego: Cub reporter
Ken Kramer, KNSD Reporter

PACIFIC BEACH, Aug. 12 - It’s a large responsibility to put together newspaper articles     that will last for all time. But there is a small reporter in Pacific Beach who is up to the big task.

At a busy newspaper office, with everybody working all around, we found Danny Stricker, reporter, writer, interviewer, editor of his own newspaper page in fact. And another thing you should know about Danny.

“I’m ten years old,” he said.

A little section for kids that runs every once in a while in the Peninsula Beacon is his responsibility. It’s got games and jokes, like the one about the two pretzels. 

“Two pretzels were walking down Point Loma Avenue, when one was a-“salt“-ed,” Danny said.

A “salted pretzel” is cute, okay. But what makes Danny unique is the people he somehow gets to sit down for interviews: movie stars and famous sports figures. 

“My first interview was with Larry Lucchino, the owner of the Padres,” Danny said. (Well, he’s actually the president of the club, but Larry gave the interview.)  His dad takes the pictures. But it’s Danny who puts together the articles. And he writes all kinds of people asking if he can come interview them.

“And he does that with the confidence that he’ll get some kind of response,” his dad Wally said.

Bill Clinton responded. He declined the interview, but wished Danny well. And then there was the trip to Europe that Danny took with his family last year.

"Before we left, he e-mailed the Queen of England and the President of France, just to let them know he was on his way over,” Wally said.

For his part, Danny seems a little shy, like it’s no big thing telling the queen you’re available. But what he’s really doing is chronicling history, the way he sees it, in his time.

You wonder, does he think about doing TV someday?

“Maybe, someday,” Danny said.

At ten, he’s already gotten a good start, writing some good stories “about San Diego”.