Danny's Kids Page
with Danny Stricker (age 11)
Interview with 
Dean Spanos, President, San Diego Chargers
September, 2001
Stricker: What do you think of the team this year?
Spanos: I think coming off of last season which was not a very good season for us, during this preseason we had a real good free agency, bringing in players and I think that we had a real good draft, we’ve made some coaching changes and I think that all that put together we’re all expecting an exciting and good season.

Stricker: How did you get to be the president of the Chargers?
Spanos: The Chargers are a family owned company and my father was the primary owner, he initially was the president and I stepped in when he retired.

Stricker: What do you do as president of the Chargers?
Spanos: Well basically all football operations and all business operations report to me. But I do give the general manager as well as the head coach and the business manager a lot of latitude. I am not specifically a micromanager, I’m more of a macromanager; I let the people pretty much run their operations. They know what I want and what I expect. We meet periodically, but I give them the latitude to do what they think is in the best interest of the company.

Stricker: What’s up with the referees?
Spanos: They are basically not very happy with the salaries they have been making in the past year so they are asking for more money. Consequently, without getting too complicated, we’re in a situation here where they’re being locked out and we have replacement officials right now until we can come to some sort of agreement. I’m optimistic something will get done. We’ve made what we think is a fair offer so the ball is in their court. We’ll wait and see what will happen but for right now I think the replacement officials have done an outstanding job.

Stricker: What do you do for the construction company?
Spanos: I’m the president of our family construction company, so I travel around the country and I look at different land sites. I approve the land sites for development; we build apartment buildings for rent, one two and three story apartment buildings in twenty-one states across the country.

Stricker: Did you feel like selling the team last year?
Spanos: No. Never. I think you have to take the good with the bad and last year was one of those years we didn’t play very well, it was one of our worst years ever. But I think in this league the way things are you can turn things around quickly because of free agency. So I think as bad as we were last year we can be that good this year. You never give up.

Stricker: Who is your favorite player?
Spanos: I like all the players on our team so I wouldn’t want to pick any one person. I think they all work hard and are all dedicated. I like them all.

Stricker: What’s your favorite website?
Spanos: chargers.com

Stricker: Do you get to pick the Charger Girls?
Spanos: (Laughs) I leave that up to somebody else. We have an outside agency that we hire.