Danny's Kids Page
with Danny Stricker (age 12)
Interview with 
Mike Wallace, CBS 60 Minutes Anchor
August 15, 2002
Stricker: How many presidents have you met?  
Wallace: Beginning with Kennedy and I guess everyone since, no thatís not true, you know who Iíve never met? George W. Bush. Iíve just never had the opportunity somehow to meet him.

Stricker: Have you ever been to San Diego?
Wallace: Iíve been in San Diego many times and I think its a beautiful town.

Stricker: When did you start on 60 Minutes?
Wallace: I started right at the beginning, there were two of us, a fellow by the name of Don Hewitt had the idea of 60 Minutes, and he hired a CBS news correspondent by the name of Harry Reasoner and me.

Stricker: Have you ever gone surfing?
Wallace: Surfing? No. I wish I had.

Stricker: Whatís one thing that makes you successful?
Wallace: Well first of all I love what I do; its a wonderful job. You get to meet interesting people and you get to ask them the questions you want to ask, and by and large you get some pretty good information. So if you love what you do and you work hard at it and you prepare, you will be successful.

Stricker: Whatís your favorite book?
Wallace: I donít know as I have a favorite book. In my job, and what is also your job, you do so much reading that its hard to figure what your favorite might be. When I was your age it was the Adventures of Tom Swift series. Those were great.

Stricker: Where were you on September 11?
Wallace: I was in this apartment. This is two floors and I was in the upstairs floor in my room doing some exercises and I didnít believe what I watched on tv, which as you know was at 8:45 in the morning.

Stricker: : Whatís your favorite website?
Wallace: I donít have a favorite website. People your age are much more familiar with websites and the internet than people my age.

Stricker: Are you proud that your son, Chris Wallace, followed in your footsteps?
Wallace: Indeed I am. But we are also competitors sometimes. As a matter of fact I told him what my next story is going to be Iím going to South Africa on Sunday, and he said ďwhat are you going to do over there?Ē I said, ďIím going to talk to Walter BassonĒ, he has been known as Doctor Death in South Africa and everyone has been wanting to talk to him for a long time, including Chris, and no one has gotten to talk to him on American television, and heís going to talk to us.

Stricker: How come heís called Doctor Death?
Wallace: Because he experimented...you see, thatís exactly what I was talking about; you listened to the answer. He experimented and was trying to develop a biological weapon that was pigment specific. Pigment specific, that would act on black people. Hurt or kill black people. He went before the Truth and Reconciliation Committee...I probably shouldnít tell you too much because you will be broadcasting this. I think I will stop talking right now.

Stricker: Have you ever heard the joke ďyouíre so stupid it takes you two hours to watch 60 Minutes?Ē
Wallace: (Laughs) Iíve heard that joke, yes.