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with Danny Stricker (age 12)
Interview with Box Red Sox Pitcher Pedro Martinez, August 2002
Getting to know Pedro Martinez, Boston Red Sox pitcher
Danny Stricker

Stricker: Did you ever meet Sammy Sosa when you were a kid?
Martinez: When I was a kid? Not when I was a kid. After professional baseball, yes. I got to play with Sammy and against [him].

Stricker: What was it like as a kid in the Dominican Republic?
Martinez: For me, it was pretty simple. Just school and playing baseball whenever I had a little time off. I never really played any other sports so I was always playing baseball.

Stricker: Did you know you were realy good even when you were a little kid?
Martinez: Oh, I did pretty good in every team I played. I was always chosen as one of the stars on the team. Somehow I did well most of the time in most of the teams I played for. I was actually selected as a little league all star to represent the country. Too bad I couldn't travel with the team, but I was chosen once to represent the country.

Stricker: What's the one thing that makes you successful?
Martinez: I believe it's, first of all, being healthy, because health dictates what you're going to do. I would say maintaining the hard work and concentration in everything I do in baseball.

Stricker: Have you ever been to San Diego?
Martinez: Yes, I have.

Stricker: Have you ever been surfing?
Martinez: No, not surfing. I don't think I'll be very good at it.

Stricker: Did you ever think about being a Padre?
Martinez: Not really, but I always thought I could play for a big league team. I actually like that area, I like the Dodgers too. That would be one big team I would look for if I ever had to choose.

Stricker: Here, I have these for you, Jelly Bellys.
Martinez: Thank you, I appreciate it.

Stricker: Is there anything you wish you could do over again?
Martinez: Anything I wish I could do over again? Become a baby again, become a kid again. I wish I could do that over again, that was a lot of fun.

Stricker: What will you do after baseball?
Martinez: What would I do after baseball? Well, maybe dedicate myself to my family and possibly teach kids about how to play the game of baseball whenever I have the time. But not as a job, I would do it of my own wish. I would do it to just help the kids.

Stricker: What's your favorite website?
Martinez: My favorite website? I don't have, really, a favorite, but whatever I need, if I can find it in the website, then I'll just use that one.