Danny's Kids Page
with Danny Stricker (age 12)
Interview with Rudy Giuliani,
Mayor of New York City, October 2002
Getting to know Rudy Giuliani
Danny Stricker

Stricker:  What is the one thing that you do that makes you successful?  
Giuliani:  I have a set of beliefs. Whenever Iím in a difficult circumstance or a crisis, I go back to the things I believe in and they get me through.

Stricker:  How many siblings and kids do you have?
Giuliani:  No siblings and two kids.

Stricker:  What are your hobbies?
Giuliani:  Golf is one, itís a sport but its like a hobby. Reading, music, I like music very much, I love opera.

Stricker:  Have you ever been surfing?
Giuliani:  Have I ever been surfing? Sure, I do it in the East River all the time. I learned my surfing in the East River and the Hudson River...no Iím not a surfer.

Stricker:  What is your favorite website?
Giuliani:  New York City's

Stricker:  If you were in charge of Osama bin ladenís punishment what would you do?
Giuliani:  Well, If he were caught I would have some kind of trial, military tribunal, then I would think that he should be executed.