Danny's Kids Page
with Danny Stricker (age 13)

Interview with Padres manager Bruce Bochy
June 2003

Getting to know
Padres manager Bruce Bochy

Danny Stricker

Stricker: Mr. Bochy you’ve been with the Padres a long time now. could you tell me about some of the highlights in your career?

Bochy: Well my first highlight was being drafted out of junior college and signing with the Houston Astros. you know, that’s what you’re dreaming for as a kid and then getting called up to the major leagues-that was the biggest moment of my career. As far as personal achievements, I would say getting to the World Series here in 1984 and then managing in 96 when we won our division and 98 when we won the penant and went on to the World Series.

Stricker: Which did you enjoy most, playing in the World Series, or managing the team that went to the World Series?

Bochy: Both were very important to me but if I had to pick one or the other it would be managing because as a player, I was a role player, I didn’t play a lot, I was a back up catcher. Managing, you have so much more to do, a lot more responsibility. Also If I had to pick a city to play in a world series it would be New york. There’s so much about playing the Yankees in New York in the World Series although it was disappointing we didn’t do better.

Stricker: You have had a lot of success in your life, who are some of the people who have helped you become a success?

Bochy: Well I have to start with my parents, I can't thank them enough, I had great parents who were very supportive and always there for me. My father influenced me a lot in baseball, he had such a passion for the game and taught me right from wrong.

Stricker: What do you consider the traits of a successful person?

Bochy: I would say living with character and helping people as much as you can. Do the right thing and good things will happen if you approach life that way.

Stricker: What do you think is the most improtatnt thing that creates success?

Bochy:Do what you want to do and have passion for it and always try to live out your dreams. You have to know what you want and then you have to persevere and work as hard as you can and don't ever give up.

Stricker: Tell me about your family.

Bochy: Well I’m married 25 years. We’ve got two boys, one of them is in our minor league system doing a little catching. He’s a good baseball player, but he's also a great kid and we're really proud of him. The younger son is fifteen and he's playing freshman ball at Poway High and he's a good kid on and off the field.. I also have a black Lab who is very close to me. She’s nin years old and she's kind of my comfort. We've had a rough year but when I come home she's waggin her tail - she doesn't care if we win or lose.