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with Danny Stricker (age 13)

Interview with Jared Polis, Founder of Proflowers.com
July 2003

Getting to know
Jared Polis, Founder of Proflowers.com

Danny Stricker

Danny: I am here with Jared Polis founder of Blue Mountain.com and ProFlowers.com. Mr. Polis, you have been very successful. What do you think is the number one reason for your success?

Polis: Well, I think providing value is extremely important, so I have always tried different things to be of service to customers. We supply fresher flowers to people at better prices, reducing squashings, selling direct from the grower, so instead of getting old flowers from a florist, we get flowers the day after they have been cut which reduces the cost, so they are less expensive.

Danny: Do you send flowers to people all the time?

Polis: Do you mean me personally? I am involved in a number of activities, so when people ask me what I do, sometimes the easiest answer is to say " I am a florist"

Danny: What do you think are the traits of a successful business person?

Polis: I think the main thing is to stick to it, and not give up, never take no for an answer, to go ahead and think critically about things and work hard.

Danny: What advice would you give to help kids in their future success?

Polis: I think personally, it is important for kids to figure out what they want to be as a success. There are all different ways to be successful. It doesn’t mean being successful in the way your parents mean successful. It doesn’t mean in the ways society means successful. So you have to figure out what you think is a success and whether it is being a successful musician or a baseball player, or being a nurse or a doctor. Whatever you think as success, set your goals yourself and you work hard to reach them.

Danny: Tell me about your foundation?

Polis: My foundation refurbishes old computers that we donate to Youth Centers and Boys and Girls Clubs. We’ve also developed some curriculum to distribute in schools to help with early childhood stuff, to help kids learn. We also try to inform people about educational issues.

Danny: I hear you are getting into politics now…are you a Republican or a Democrat?

Polis: I’m a Democrat.

Danny: What would you say are the differences between Democrats and Republicans?

Polis: I think there are a lot of differences between them on a lot of issues. Of course, on many issues Democrats are right and on others Republicans are right. It just sort of depends…I think you’ll find in general, you find people call themselves Democrats or Republicans, but it is hard to tell what their beliefs are above that. But in general, I think the Democrats care more about society and us living together as a community. I think Republicans sympathies are more on us as individuals. There are a whole host of issues that that sort of applies to. I think Democrats obviously tend to be more liberal or sort of tolerant in accepting people who are different. Republicans tend to think that there is a best way to be and that people should all try to be that way.

Danny: What’s new and coming up next for you?

Polis: I’m always doing a number of things at a time. One of my latest businesses is that I am opening up Spanish songs for computers. So there are obviously a lot of Spanish speaking people around. We have one in LasVegas and one in Fort Worth and one in Aurora. And one in this area as well. We have to find properties that are available, so that kind of limits us.

I am continuing to be involved in my foundation and certainly here at ProFlowers.

Danny: Tell me about your family?

Polis: I am the eldest of three siblings. My younger sister is 21 and my brother is 19. They’re still in college, although my sister graduated from college, she is the sciences so she will be working in a lab for a year then finding a graduate school for a year. My parents live here in San Diego and are doing very well. I still have one grandmother left. I had three when I was growing up. Both my father’s parents passed away about 6 years ago.

Danny: What kind of dogs do you have?

Polis: A have a Border terrier and actually I also take care of my brother’s Border terrier because he is in college and can’t have his dog, so I have two Border terriers. They are fun, sort of rascally little fellas, really smart, really active. If you saw the movie "Something about Mary" that was a Border terrier in that. They also look a little bit like "Todo" from the Wizard of Oz. That’s a Cairns terrier, it’s a very similar breed. That’s what they look like.

Danny: Ok, thanks Mr. Polis. I have been speaking with Jared Polis Founder of Blue Mountain.com, ProFlowers.com and The Jared Polis Foundation.