Danny's Kids Page
with Danny Stricker (age 11)
Major League Baseball Star David Wells
Peninsula Beacon Kids Page December 16, 1999
by Danny Stricker

Stricker: How did you get the nickname "Boomer"?
Wells: In my rookie season.. .there was a guy, Greg Wells, that played there so they decided to start calling me "Boomer" from there.

David Wells 
Team: Toronto Blud Jays
Position: Pitcher #33
Bats left
Throws left
6'4", 225 lbs. 
Birthday: May 20, 1963 

Stricker: Did you play Little League?
Wells: I played Little League in Ocean Beach at Peninsula. .1 didn't know how to catch. All I knew was how to throw the ball harder and farther than anybody else. But I started my career with Peninsula Little League in Ocean Beach.

Stricker: Was anybody else on your Little League team better?
Wells: Yeah, there were a few guys that were better than me, better hitters. I don't think there were any better pitchers.

Stricker: Who were your coaches?
Wells: The one that really gave me a lot in inspiration was Steve Allen, he was my coach and taught me the game of basehall...and I give him a lot of credit, he was a good coach.

Stricker: Where did you live when you were growing up?
Wells: I grew up in Ocean Beach, I think I lived on every street possible down there. We moved around a lot but we stayed in Ocean Beach. That's my roots and one place that will always stay in my heart.

Stricker: Why don't you play for the Padres? 
Wells: [Laughs] I tried, they didn't want me so I had to go elsewhere and it came back to haunt them very much. I've always wanted to be a Padre as a kid growing up in San Diego. It's still possible, you never know. At least I got to play here against them.

Stricker: Have you ever hit a home run?
Wells: In the Major League no. I came close last year in Atlanta but I got robbed. As a pitcher you like to see those happen for you when you're giving up the long ball. But no I never have. Only in Little League.