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with Danny Stricker (age 11)
Interview with Ryan Klesko

On May 27, Danny Stricker had the opportunity to come down on the field to interview Padres first baseman Ryan Kiesko. Here's the interview:

DANNY: How do you like being back in Southern California?

RYAN:  Oh, I love it. Being back next to my family, my mom and my sisters, and this great weather. You don't want to know what Atlanta weather is like. It's really sticky and hot and you don't want to be out there this time of year.

DANNY:  Did you play Little League?

RYAN:   Yeah, I played Little League! I started out in T-BaII and went all the way up. I played every year as much as I could. I used to pitch a lot. Actually, I was going to get drafted as a pitcher but I hunt my arm and became a hitter.

DANNY:  How did you get the name Ryno?

RYAN:  That's a good question. In the minor leagues one guy started calling me that I think it just continued from there. A lot of guys who are Ryan, like Ryan Sandberg, they used to call him Ryno, too.

DANNY:  How old were you when you started pro baseball?

RYAN:   I went up to the minor league when I was 18.1 had a scholarship to go to college. I signed with Atlanta with the scholarship that the Braves guaranteed in case something happened.

DANNY:  What are your hobbies besides baseball?

RYAN:   I've got a lot of hobbies. I like to fish. I like to surf. I do some hunting. I do some diving. What about you? What are your hobbies?

DANNY:  I like baseball and soccer, and basketball.

RYAN:   What's your favorite?

DANNY:  Baseball.

RYAN:   (Laughs) That's a good answer, man.