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Who's your favorite Padre?
May, 2001
Who do Padre fans think is their favorite Padre? I asked around and here is what they said.
Carol Lebeau: "I like to watch Trevor Hoffman seal the deal."
Father Joe named two current players as his favorites: Ben Davis - Father Joe says he likes Ben as a person and has the potential as a player to carry the Padres in the future. Ryan Klesko - "He needs my prayers to break his slump," says Father Joe, adding if Ryan has a good year, he could help the Padres make a run for it this season.
George Will: Tony Gwynn is George Will's favorite San Diego Padre and Trevor Hoffman is his second favorite. He thinks Hoffman is one of the best closers in baseball.
Byron Wear: "Tony Gwynn of course. And Ben Davis. Good player, good hitter, good catcher."
Kelly Cunningham: "Tony Gywnn is my all time favorite and I would have been very upset if they had not resigned him this year."
Michael Tuck: "My two favorite Padres are Tony Gwynn and Bruce Bochy, the manager.  I like both of them for the same reasons:  they are thoughtful, decent people with wonderful qualities as human beings.  Obviously, both Tony and Bruce are great professionals at the top of their sport, but it is their human qualities that set them apart."
Roger Hedgecock: Roger Hedgecock's favorite Padre is Tony Gwynn because he proves that loyalty (to SD and the Padres) counts & because he proves the "Old Guys" can still be Stars!
Marty Levin: My favorite Padres..Tony Gwynn...Dave
Winfield...Randy Jones and Tim Flannery.
Bree Walker: "i love tony gwynn.. a really good human being.. he is my only padres hero!!!"
Stan Miller: "Santiago Perez. His speed on the bases adds excitement